1st TUE TALKs August 2011 – Dec 2016 – Each #1TT included a 45 minute discussion on a specific topic, followed by fifteen minutes of audience Q&A.  The talks have offered the public an array of insight and perspective from experienced professionals with various accolades and accomplishments.  By conversing on their process, airing out their struggles, and advising those with similar goals, these artists not only learn from one another, but they inspire those who are in earlier stages or are simply; stuck in the mud. Topics include: motivation, making a living doing what you love, coping with failure, and collaborative work.

FAQs  |  Media Gallery  |  OrangeCouch Talks (2017)

Since 2012, CreativeRush & WSU ShiftSpace Gallery has co-collaborated on art show experiences for Final Friday shows in Wichita, Kansas. Over 500 audience at each reception with over 30 regional artists in Colorado and Kansas.

2012 : Come To Your Senses
2014 : Secrets of Suburbia
2015 : Portiful Actions
2016 : Stratification 

Launched in 2015 – Songwriter Studio is a showcase of the music community in Wichita.  It provides thoughtful discussion from the featured performers about their songwriting creative process in action. It offers you an opportunity to connect and discuss with the each month’s featured musicians and the community. This event provides the artist(s) a chance to thoughtfully express their craft while providing the audience an insider’s perspective. We want to increase kinship within the music community, curb doubts for struggling beginners and allow performers to create a meaningful dialogue.

2015 Season featured: Rudy Love Jr. & The Family Band, Evasive Flowers, VEHICLES, Wrong Kata Trio, Hawley Shoffner, Coriander, Jenny Wood, Joey Henry’s Dirty Sunshine Club, & CLEME 

2015 Sponsors: Reverie Coffee Roasters | BIG MENTION | Jeff Corbett of TourBox LLC | Eric Zoller & Lonny Quattlebaum of digitalBRAND | Vertigo 232 at Hewitt’s Antiques | Le Luci Event Lighting

IndieConnect is an event for video artists and filmmakers to showcase their work and talk shop with the audience. This is a platform for producers to get live suggestions or feedback on their work, talk gear, experiences and meet others in the industry.

Currently, IndieConnect is on hiatus. If you’re interested in meeting up again, please let us know.

In January of 2013, we expanded upon the 1st TUE Talks with, School of StreetSmarts, a workshop series. With SoSS the topics become more specific and are led by an expert instructor.  Examples include: “Grants for Artists” taught by Fred McLean, “Guerrilla Marketing” with a local improv team, Storytelling led by WSU performing arts professor Ed Baker, and “Get Noticed,” a workshop on self-promotion (instructor Stan Herd).