CreativeRush fosters authentic connections between members of the creative community in Wichita. We provide an open home for creative individuals to collaborate, connect, and inspire one another, bridging the gaps between the various artistic mediums.  Through in-depth panel discussions with industry professionals, skill-building workshops, and events showcasing the work of artists in the community, CreativeRush provides the opportunity for each individual to discover, harness, and express his/her unique creative vision. The vision is then expanded upon by the chance to partner those gifts with others who have complementary ambitions.



1st TUE Talk Hosts: Torin Andersen, Brian Hickey, Jessy Clonts, Mark D Anderson, Jill D Miller, Rod Pocowatchit, Emily Brookover, Joel Isaacs, and David Murano.

Jake Fisher was a producer and moderator for IndieConnect.

Artist / DTTW / Program Assistant : Keegan Rogers


RedBaron Productions, Green Light Go, Hannah Scott, John Berry, Matthew Garcia, Rebekah Lewis

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    Founder & Events Engineer
    “As we search to become authentic in silence, we thread identity and self­awareness creating our being in everyday life. Through our art(work we display the truths of who we are.” - artist/curator statement, Secrets of Suburbia, 2014.