FREE EVENT • Doors open at 6:45p • The Monarch

CreativeRush presents Reclaiming Focus a 1st TUE Talk:

The creative process is riddled with motivation and productivity tips and tricks, but what any great creative knows that it is taking the pieces of who you are, the impact you want to have on the world and focusing them into living/working purposefully. Join us on Tuesday, September 3rd at 7p to hear from our panel on how they’ve learned to harness and reclaim focus in their lives.

Also join us to celebrate CreativeRush’s 2 Year Anniversary as well as a Q&A of the winners from this year’s Down to the Wire a 24 HR Film Race!

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“My primary focus is the visual kinetics of sculpture. It is my intention to bring to view the” negative space”. Open air always provides a blank canvas for movement of shape and color. Architectural lines and the motion of nature are primary inspiration for my work. My designs come from three basic mindsets: mechanical, organic, or a combination of the two. The design goal is building the piece to appear kinetic to the eye, even when the work is static.”

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Micala Gingrich-Gaylord

Micala is a Wichita native sortof.. She studied painting and sculpture at KU and for the past seven years, she was the Expressive Arts Center founder and Director at Youthville. During that time she met weekly with inmates at Hutchinson Prison making art with them. She started Chalk Art Festival  and currently is starting a new journey of working with elders to bring creative energy into their scope on what’s always been there. Micala likes to take long walks on the beach, read poetry out loud ,and overthrow the state all while drawing, knitting, making art with her five year old kiddo and doing whatever she wants really. She specializes in knowing how not to get her ass kicked in prickly situations, leading artist through the muck of working with non artist and creatively swindling money from those who got it for those who ain’t.

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Lindsey Herkommer

Lindsey Herkommer serves Wichita, Kansas as an arts journalist in radio, television and print media as well as a university educator. She is presently the city’s only art critic. Lindsey’s art reviews are broadcast bi-weekly on KMUW 89.1 Wichita Public Radio and she promotes art events on the locally-produced show Impact for KPTS Channel 8. She regularly contributes to local arts and culture publications and was resident curator for NakedCity Gallery.

Lindsey currently lectures at Wichita State University as Visiting Instructor of Art History. She also serves as a member of the Ulrich Museum Alliance Board. Her education includes a Master’s degree in Art History from Southern Methodist University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Art History from The University of Texas at Austin. Over the course of these two degrees, she focused her research on Modern and Contemporary art from Latin America, Western Europe and the United States.

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