May 6th, 2014 | Botanica
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whether you have or in the midst of quitting a job or getting a new one, moving cities, or pursuing your passion, this topic is for you. join us as we hear from three artists who at some point in their lives had to deal with “starting over.”

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Randy Regier

Born 1964, Omaha, NE

Grew up mostly in Oregon (27 years), autobody painter and cartoonist while in OR. Moved to Abilene, Kansas in 1997, attended university for the first time in 1998 at age 34, at Kansas State University. Graduated in 2005 with a BFA in sculpture and moved to Portland, Maine in 2005 to get MFA at Maine College of Art, completed in 2007. While in Maine I exhibited at Firecat Projects in Chicago and widely in New England and taught art courses at Maine College of Art, Bowdoin College, and University of Maine, Orono. After 6 years in Maine, I moved to Wichita to make a go as a full-time artist in June of 2011.

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Marc Durfee

Marc Durfee

Artist Biography
Born in California at the age of 0 and moved to Tennessee 8yrs later. Following a two year spell in the South,
settled on the East Coast by the age of 10 to finish primary education. After receiving a B.S. in Ceramics in 1997 from S.C.S.U.
moved to Wichita and received M.F.A in Sculpture from W.S.U.


Artist Statement

“You can’t make something out of nothing” unless the nothing is the discards of a consumer-driven society. Sometimes a vacuum cleaner is more than a floor cleaning device. If it were attached to a slide projector it might become a vehicle for image display that can only speak of itself. Perhaps a brick this a handle securely attached to the top renders it useless as a brick at the same time making it easy to carry. Or consider a small motor with only one wheel, always moving but never getting anywhere.

These are a few of the area of interest that I find looking towards then I start to think…

…“that could be ART”

Artist Poem

I am a collector of objects
I listen to the objects around me
My ideas come from the objects
Each object is a connection to my life
I use objects to communicate to the viewer
My whole process is intuitive
Nothing is predetermined or preconceived
All action takes place for the benefit of the object
The work evolves along with the idea
And the evolution follows the idea

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Peg Bicker


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