Wherever your work may be, freelance or within a company, you are probably consumed by various time wasters and distractions. While it may seem like checking Facebook throughout the day or reading your email all the time may seem like it’s only robbing you of a few minutes here and there, it’s likely that you’re more distracted then you might think. And, even if you are wasting just a few minutes a day, added up weekly, monthly, or annually, that can be a lot of your time. And lost time equals lost revenue and raised stress levels. We know that removing distractions cannot be done, but learning how to reduce them so that you may become efficient again is what our panelists will share about.

Join us at NakedCity Gallery (121 N. Mead Suite 104) on Tuesday, June 5th as our panelists: Samuel Connelly (writer), Bridgit Yinger (owner of The Onion Tree), and Ann Keefer (VP Marketing for Wichita Downtown Develop Center) will share their experiences on tackling these black holes in productivity from their work/play life. Jesse Askren will be catering. Doors open at 6:45p. Admission is free and open to the public.

Catering by Jesse Askren.

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