with featured panelists
Taylor Hunt, Dustin Morby
& Simone Chickenbone aka Jamie Tabor.


Taylor Hunt is an all around nerd who relates the digital world to everyday folk. Specials focuses include user interface design and development.

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Dustin Morby started doing comedy in 1st grade when he cracked his first joke in class, was asked to stop but wouldn’t/couldn’t, and was then pulled from the room by the teacher all the while miming himself being choked so all the other students could see. He has been in The Rubber Chicken Factory, The Average Joes, 2 Guys Improv, and his newest project www.TheFoolishToms.com He has been performing with Say What?! on and off since 2007. Since that day in kindergarten, his comedic timing has heightened and his stage presence has captured many audiences, in the hundreds of Stage, Improv, Sketch, Stand-Up, and Radio shows along with the dozens of short films and local, regional, and national commercials. He is also a wedding officiant and a certified laughter yoga leader. You can read his blog at deadblueheron.tumblr.com and look for him in a lead role for a new feature film ‘Rise Up Black Man’.

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Photo by Arora Schmidt

Simone Chickenbone aka Jamie Tabor is the chick behind Chicken Poop lip junk. A native Kansan, a hair dresser, Pilates teacher, artist, entrepreneur, DIYer, and a mom.  Married to creative genius, Eric Schmidt with two beautiful children and living a dream on the river with two dogs and a cat. Always trying to achieve the unachieveable, supporting local and ready to learn; be it tennis or photography.




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