Topic: The Busy Disorder
Venue: Roots & Bloom (151 S. Laura -2nd floor-)


6:45p – doors open (drinks & chatting)

7p – a special gong bath session with deBorah gray

** What you can expect at the Gong Bath: A Gong Bath (also has been referred to as a Gong Meditation or Gong Savasana) usually entails some gentle movement and breath work. The receivers are “bathed” allowing the sounds to wash over you.The sounds and vibrations of the gong help create deep relaxation and a state of meditation. No water is involved in a Gong Bath Meditation. A Gong Bath doesn’t require a belief structure or study or ability to find a state of meditation. All you have to do is just be there and have an open mind and heart..

7:30p – panel discussion with deBorah gray, Rob Simon & Amy Driskill
8:15p – Audience Q&A
8:30p – Food catered by Tyler Vrana, drink and be merry


Rob Simon

Rob Simon produces and performs for his POSITIVE RHYTHM PRODUCTIONS, an association that creates stage, classroom and media events that are both educational and entertaining. He is also a member of the Wichita Griots Storytellers, a lead singer for the band, Blue Eyed Soul, and coordinator of music for contemporary worship at College Hill United Methodist Church. Rob is well-known for his assembly, work-shop, classroom, and other presentations for students, school staffs, parents, churches, and community groups, and his current work includes two service programs through Catholic Charities Wichita.

His background includes having been a junior high Social Studies Teacher, a Teaching Specialist in Wichita’s Safe and Drug Free Schools program, Program Coordinator for Diversity Kansas (formerly The National Conference for Community & Justice), which worked to eliminate bias, bigotry and racism; and he is a former weekly commentator on topics of everyday life with National Public Radio’s member station, KMUW, in Wichita.


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deBorah gray

“Dare to be Naive” said Buckminister Fuller.

Well deBorah gray (me) has certainly had “stupid” times in life.  I thought one of them was moving back to Wichita, Kansas after living in Northern California for 14 years.  Turns out rebuilding myself is one of my greatest strengths.  I’ve always seen the “chi” in the middle of Wi-chi-ta  and my time here has been dedicated to raising the yang-yin movement of this City.  Often, i’ve felt alone in this vision, but i’ve seen the youth grab this town and make it a beautiful and colorful place to live and i celebrate twenty years this 2012 Thanksgiving Day of being at home here.

In the 80’s i worked as a stock broker in the Financial District of San Francisco and was introduced to to “alternative health” for de-stressing.  I hated the work, but loved the money.  When i moved to Wichita, i did not want to do it any more.  So now, I love my work and don’t make a lot of money.  My philosophy has become: Be Yourself; Know Yourself and Give Yourself Away

Rock On Children of Do-Da!







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Amy Driskill

Amy Driskill is a licensed clinical Marriage and Family therapist who has been in practice for over seven years; working with individuals, families, couples and groups.

Amy’s life journey has led her on various roads of self-discovery including obtaining a clinical certification in hypnotherapy, training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and the daily practice of mindfulness and meditation. It is the practice and sharing of mindfulness that has been the catalyst to helping others learn to self-regulate, manage daily stress and live more peaceful, loving lives.

Amy recently began the process of obtaining training to become an Inward Bound Mindfulness Education instructor, bringing the education and the practice of mindfulness to adolescents, parents, educators and schools within the Wichita, Kansas area.

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