Darrin Hackney & Undrell Maholmes
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Guess what?

Innovation cannot happen without change

“What?! We want innovation, but not change.” I’m sorry, that’s not possible; change is required.  Our natural aversion to deviation inhibits innovation. To deviate you must break social norms. This is why our desire to innovate increases in times of crisis. Creation and destruction are linked as a part of change.  We resist change when times are good. We preserve and protect workflows, ideas and systems. But when the going gets rough, we call for change in the hope of creating something new. This coupling of creation and destruction is also known as transformation. Innovation is a transformative mechanism.

The current featured artists at NakedCity Gallery with Urban Passages: Photography liberating daily life. This show brings together Darrin Hackney and Undrell Maholmes – two photographers that always keep their eyes open and cameras ready. The images presented in this show, however, were not selected from their formal practice.  All photographs in this show were directly pulled from their iPhones.
These two photographers are not passive in their daily lives. They take the initiative to get out into the city and explore their immediate surroundings, snapping pictures along the way. A wide breadth of images is displayed in Urban Passages. This exhibition presents pictures from the road, humble diners, neon signs of the city, familiar Wichita places, unexpected objects, and simple moments typically bypassed in the hustle of an urban existence.

(bio taken from an article written by LINDSEY HERKOMMER on NakedCityWichita.com)


I got into photography about 7 years ago when I picked up my first DSLR camera, the Canon 20D. I was very inquisitive of the people, places and things around me and I was amazed at how quickly I could capture a moment. Right after I picked up an iPhone 3G I quickly realized that I had a camera with me everywhere I went. Taking pics of the people, places and things that were around me. And then the apps started getting better and so did the iphone itself. Now I carry the iPhone 4s and use about 60 apps to manipulate photos.  

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I’ve always loved the arts, whether it was music, drawing, painting etc. I started out drawing and one day in art class, one of our projects was to buy a black & white disposable camera and take pictures. The project was for us to study composition but after the process of developing them in the school dark room I was hooked. I loved being able to capture a moment of time. I was intrigued by the many expressions of people, the beauty of nature and depth in the things that we take for granted in our everyday life. fast forward to today and I’m still in love with photography. I’m amazed at how far technology has brought capabilities of cameras and camera equipment.