Nothing transforms the atmosphere of your event more than one of CreativeRush’s surprise programs, Gauntlet Games. 

We deliver unique, fun and compelling team building activities for businesses, employees, and families to interact with each other and (most importantly) have a great time.  Being athletic is not required, but activity and mobility are. We focus our camaraderie challenges and games on engaging with one another to build better teamwork, communication, and interpersonal relationships.

• Creative Consultation : FREE!

• Custom Game Development : $25 / Per Person
• Setup Rate*

• Optional Catering Availability
R Coffeehouse : $10 / Per Person  (10 people min)

***Contact for more information about the Setup Rate* & your Creative Consultation meeting!

Downtown Wichita – 20+ employees battled in endurance missions with great teamwork, communication, and a thirst to win CreativeRush Coins. Winning currency of these camaraderie challenges determined the winning levels at the Gauntlet Games Awards Ceremony.

#GauntletGames Crew

CoachMCs: Mark D Anderson • Tim Rogers• Byron J Love

GDs: Kylie Brown • Keegan Rogers

Assistants: Emily Christensen • Stacy Chestnut

Photographers: Brittany Schaar • Alexi Christian

Thank You to WASG / Scott Martin • Gerard Rodriguez • R Coffeehouse Catering • College Hill Creative