Songwriter Studio [Evasive Flowers]

Annie Adam’s solo project, Evasive Flowers, emerged out of the tight knit early ’10s Noise Scene in Wichita, KS. Influenced heavily by genres like HipHop, WitchHouse, and Hypnogogic Pop, her objective is to create songs that touch the heart and tap the foot.

Created using one microphone, a loop station and several effects pedals, the music envelops the listener in minimal yet beautifully disorienting and haunting choral washes while brandishing a pop sensibility that makes the songs deeply hypnotic, with boxed-beats that keep the listener in the here and now.





Songwriter Studio is a program CreativeRush and is a local event in Wichita, Kansas where you get to hear a live performance as well as get to know our featured musicians with a live discussion providing a chance to hear from the artist(s) to thoughtfully express their craft while providing an insider’s perspective into the thought process of music creation.
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CreativeRush | Songwriter Studio [Evasive Flowers]
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