Songwriter Studio [CORIANDER]


Coriander began in Wichita, KS in 2012 as the songwriting project of Matt Hamer. The current lineup also includes Ryan Stoldt on bass, Michael Engdahl on guitar, Billy Bloomquist on keys, and Kerry Burrow on drums. The band blends classic American folk and roots music with various styles of rock and jazz influences. Coriander’s debut album, “Old Invitations”, was released in January 2014. Over eleven tracks the band shifts between fuzzed-out pop songs, spacey, jazz-tinged guitar pieces, and quiet folk ballads. Matt’s lyrics lean toward the introspective, wrestling with faith, doubt, and relational disillusionment, through both autobiographical and fictional perspectives.

Songwriter Studio is a program CreativeRush and is a local event in Wichita, Kansas where you get to hear a live performance as well as get to know our featured musicians with a live discussion providing a chance to hear from the artist(s) to thoughtfully express their craft while providing an insider’s perspective into the thought process of music creation.

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CreativeRush | Songwriter Studio [CORIANDER]
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