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DEC.2016 – We have produced 10-11 talks since 2011 while producing five other programs with events! On December 6th, CreativeRush decided to conclude our five years of 1st TUE Talks. OrangeCouch featured: Annie Adams, Toby Dai, & Armando Minjarez who shared their stories as artists, musicians, and their love of food. Thank you to our moderator, Torin Andersen, who’s been with 1TT for 4 years and 1 month! Thank you to Darrin Hackney who captured all these great moments too!

Much thanks to John Hammer and the staff at Roxy’s Downtown who has hosted multiple talks and to all of our orange couch haulers, sound volunteers, photographers, designers, and food artisans over the years.

1TT After Party : Thank you to The White Lodge and Matthew Clagg for hosting Toby Dai (food artisan) to create a wonderfully delicious, vegan Chinese charcuterie and everyone who came to celebrate with us!

TinyOrangeCouches were lovingly made by Armando Minjarez and Phil Sanders. Be on the lookout for the next release of couches!

Sponsored by The Annie Foundation



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