We ask that you don’t bring small children. Otherwise, young enough with the curiosity to learn, yet old enough to know that curiosity can inspire change. So probably somewhere between 16-99. So you might not be totally screwed if you’re 100, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up.
Bwahaha – Of course you can attend! We believe at some level everyone is inherently creative and we do best by learning from others. If you’re an engineer, who knows what you’ll take away from hearing from a chef’s creative process!
You should attend because you’re 43 and you have a family and kids who need you as much or more than anyone else you journey with. You feel like you’ve gotten the hang of the business, but balancing it with family and life has seemed impossible sometimes. Being a creative is a learning curve, you know that. But sometimes you’re dry, stuck in the corporate goo or simple uninspired. You need a community of people like you with some fresh ideas to help you get inspired, ask some questions, find a healthy balance of work, play, and rest. CreativeRush isn’t the latest fad or growth seminar, it’s soul work in some of the areas that we all need most: inspire, networking, balance, and longevity to name a few. Honestly, your or your family can’t afford for you not to attend.
The next five years may be some of the most important years of your life. Right now you’re young, energetic, and loaded with passion. You have dreams–huge dreams–that you want to see fulfilled, but some days you just don’t see how to get there. You wish you knew someone who saw life with the same kind of urgency as you do and who are dreaming the same big dreams for the world that you are. Right now you often feel like you’re drowning with school, internships, projects and you have this hunch that if you don’t learn to live with some kind of balance, twenty years from now you might be fixing jammed copy machines or stuck waiting tables for the rest of your life. We believe that if you learn to focus your passion, harness your energy, and live a life with balance you’ll leave a much bigger mark on the world. And seriously…it’s always good to meet new people. Creativity often lurks in the cross learning and networking of other creatives.
It is free to attend, but as you know running an organization isn’t free. If you are able, we ask for a suggested donation of $5. If you are able, feel free to donate online as well!
You + friends + technology to take notes and to blog & tweet good stuff about us.
Other FAQs
Kylie Brown founded CreativeRush in 2011.

“I found that people are craving a creative collision. I wanted to bring together a collective from young or old, professional or to the stay-at-home mom who dabbles and dreams of becoming a fashion photographer. CreativeRush is built for the simple act that allows people to share ideas, learn from experiences and to be inspired.”

Read more about the heart of CreativeRush here.

What would you like to do? Creative Operations, Administration, Logistics? We are always looking for those who are food artisans, photographers, specialized skills, or donations to help out with cost of food preparation and advertising! Please email info@creativerush.org and we’ll respond quickly!