Songwriter Studio [feat. Rudy Love Jr]

A native of Wichita, Rudy Love Jr. is most often describes his sound as soulful or eclectic pop. “Original music that tells stories of the heart and soul”.This 23-year old musical prodigy is indubitably a “true” seasoned musician who has garnered a reputation for writing and producing warm, heart-felt, and infectious songs that engage the heart. His humble, yet aggressive spirit, along with his prolific musical talents has afforded him with many opportunities to “fall” comfortably into the music industry. With Rudy’s background in music, it is no wonder that he has found himself right at home in the music business. His father and namesake Rudy Love Sr., an exceptionally accomplished musician in his own right, has worked with and for some of the most recognizable names in the industry like Little Richard, Michael Jackson, George Clinton and Sly Stone to name a few. Because of the uniqueness of Rudy’s music, one cannot place him in one specific category. Having influences that range from Stevie Wonder to James Taylor and a style all his own, he has the necessary ingredients to break new ground and be a trailblazer in the industry. Truly raising the musical bar!

Songwriter Studio is a program CreativeRush and is a local event in Wichita, Kansas where you get to hear a live performance as well as get to know our featured musicians with a live discussion providing a chance to hear from the artist(s) to thoughtfully express their craft while providing an insider’s perspective into the thought process of music creation.
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CreativeRush | Songwriter Studio [feat. Rudy Love Jr]
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