Stratification [reception]

JAN.2016 – CreativeRush & WSU SHIFTSPACE presents:

“STRATIFICATION : an exploration in curatorial collaboration”

features artists: Heidi Cruz • Melanie Bindon (DEN) • Mike Miller • Tim Stone • Toby Dai • Trish Van Osdel

Co-Curators, Kylie Brown and Lisa Rundstrom, feature our artists in a multilayered installation exploring insight into our humanity through a responsive, shared and collaborative artistic journey. Each artist has been selected based on their own strikingly divergent artistic aesthetics as well as their investigations into the human condition.

Our reception on January’s Final Friday drew over 800 people! If you missed it or want to bring a friend to see this work – This exhibition is only open now through February 13.

We invite you to be open and view the entire exhibition as a whole and in its detail. Consider to try and deconstruct the relational decisions and developments of these artists. Their combined work is a product of a simultaneous response to one another through a series of divergent progressions. You never know what easter eggs you’ll discover…

416 S. Commerce #102, Wichita, KS 67202
WED thru FRI : 4 – 7 p, SAT 1 – 4 p
**please contact us if you would like to make an appointment


CreativeRush | Stratification [reception]
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