Songwriter Studio [feat. JENNY WOOD]


SwS_JennyWoodJENNY WOOD is a Wichita native alternative singer/songwriter. Growing up singing gospel and blues, Jenny studied music theater and vocal performance at Wichita State University. After being influenced by heavy rock bands such as Nine Inch Nails and At The Drive In, Jenny decided to pursue alt-indie rock and began to front rock bands in the L.A. area. She then moved to Nashville where she picked up songwriting and electric guitar. She has toured the country with her one-woman show over the last 10 years and bases now out of Wichita where she performs and tours with Jenny Wood Band, her first rock endeavor Pathos, and her funk/soul band, Jenny Wood and The Watchers. She just finished her newest album with Kansas City’s rock queens Katy Guillen and The Girls and that outfit is called Jenny Wood and The Femmeline. Her upcoming album, “Don’t Let Them Get In Your Head” features her anti-bullying single and music video which will also be also be a regionally broadcast bully-awareness commercial, all to be released in the fall.

We apologize for the technical difficulties and have no photography for this event. 

Songwriter Studio is a program CreativeRush and is a local event in Wichita, Kansas where you get to hear a live performance as well as get to know our featured musicians with a live discussion providing a chance to hear from the artist(s) to thoughtfully express their craft while providing an insider’s perspective into the thought process of music creation.

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CreativeRush | Songwriter Studio [feat. JENNY WOOD]
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