Secrets of Suburbia

The reception night drew over 500 people to WSU ShiftSpace. The conceptual theme was based from arts reflective ability to critique itself and it’s own culture. Local artists may also directly or indirectly respond to their own experience of life in Wichita. In this way, each artist is engaging in a blind dialog with other creatives in our community: Here the truths we withhold; the identities we protect, and the internal and external deviations we present within our culture, community and homes- then collectively develop as content. Although each artist or group works independently the entire exhibition acts as conversation between various artist within a single culture encouraged to use truth and vulnerability as a device to reconnect with the authentic within them via our external place relationships.

The show opened on January 22 – February 8, 2014 | Reception was Friday January 31, 6 – 10 pm

Featuring Artists:
Torin & Georgia Andersen
Kristin Beal
Kylie Brown, Melanie Cloud & Rebecca Gordon
Patrick Calvillo
John Harrison
Lisa Rundstrom
Ian & Sarah Stewart
Jacob Riggs, Christian Taylor, & Justin Miller of Fiction Media (Reception Only)
Brent Duncan (Reception Only)
Reception Catered by Gerard Rodriguez


CreativeRush | Secrets of Suburbia
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