Co-Curators, Kylie Brown of CreativeRush and Lisa Rundstrom of SHIFTSPACE Gallery, are back again for their fifth collaboration: 


This is an immersive art experience that features a range of collaborations designed to allow the viewer to peek into various creative universes. Open to the public from 6p-9p on Final Friday, May 26th in the Commerce Arts District at Front Row Parking, 406 St. Francis.

Providing a bubble-like structures and combining a mixture of engineers, designers, artists, musicians, and projectionists – Our multifaceted artists promise to provide you a peek in their creative universe. The conceptual theme is based on humanity’s view of “living in a bubble” that can be isolating, confining, or naive.  Though temporary, bubbles are mesmerising, can hold inspiration, and shimmer in beautifully creative ways.




Featured Artists include:

  • Linnebur & Miller
  • Tim Stone
  • Seth Blume
  • Daniel Rogers
  • Brittany Schaar, Jennifer Siemens, & Alexi Christian
  • Logan Pajunen of MakeICT
  • Tim Rogers
  • SHIFTSPACE Student Group :: Lisa Rundstrom, Alex Moore, Christopher Mackie, Opal Phillips, Dak O’Dette, Travis Tyson, Melissa Smith
  • WSU Sculpture Guild


Although each artist or group works independently- the entire exhibition acts as a labyrinth of conversation to stimulate the creative subconscious, spark interactivity, and engage the viewer to see where it is cultivated as an authentic expression of the self and the absurdity of being human. For this experience, we only require one thing: You must take off your shoes.


B.S. Sandwich Press, Lynn’s Curbside Cookout, & Xclusive Booze will be available with a partnership with Aware Video Magazine.


Photography by Jarett Young


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