Come To Your Senses [reception]

JAN.2012 – First co-collaboration with WSU ShiftSpace / Lisa Rundstrom : “Come To Your Senses a multisensory experience” featuring 13 local artists.

500+ attendees at January’s Final Friday reception in 2012

featuring artists: Michael Pointer • Keegan Rogers • Elizabeth Stevenson • Ian Stewart • Sarah Stewart • Aaron Rivers • Chiyoko Myose • Christina Rodriguez • Seth Blume • Taryn Trousdale • Collin Allen • Andrew Leffew • Johanna Torell • The Men’s Scrapbooking Club

When you walked in, we had a “host” that was projected on the garage door, “welcoming” people to the show. Video produced by The Men’s Scrapbooking Club.

Touch Room featured artwork meant to be cut up or destroyed to an interactive touch sensitive video wall created by John Harrison and the Hack.Art.Lab.

Sight Room featured paintings, photography, sculptures, and mixed media from 13 local artists. Taste/Smell Room featured the Surya the One Night Chef who made food live and was available for conversation. Hearing Room featured Cutter J The Absurdist with his amazing video, tech, art, experiential performances.


CreativeRush | Come To Your Senses [reception]
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